Tuesday, 31 July 2012

18 days til St. Ives!!

Nell and Tyler St. Ives 2007

Andrew loving the sun St. Ives 2011

Monday, 30 July 2012

Baby Hamlen

 Yesterday was my close friend Gemma's baby shower..and it was fabulous! We had the most delicious food, played games and nattered about baby things. The games were great fun and a little bit weird, for example, the dirty nappy game. This involves identifying different chocolate bars which have been melted into nappies to look like poop..it wasnt attractive, but it was funny. We had prediction cards and wishes for the baby cards. We had to guess how big Gems bump was and had personalised scratch cards (I WON!!)..very fancy!

The best bit about the day was our best friend Amy turning up out of the blue as a surprise for Gemma, and all of us. Amy lives in Guernsey and 
told everyone she couldn't come. She's Gemma's bestest best friend so when she walked through the door there were tears pouring down Gems face! Such an awesome surprise!..We squealed with excitement and happiness!

Natalie, Gemma, Amy and me

Good luck to Gemma and Spencer who are about to embark on the most incredible journey and who are going to be such incredible and loving parents. Yesterday was a brilliant day and thank you to Claire and Mandy for organizing it and spoiling us with delicious food and entertainment.

Love you Gem and Spence!


Gem and Claire

Thank you flowers from Gem

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Roll on day off..

..Last Monday and Tuesday were the first full days me and Andrew had together for 2 weeks. We'd planned to have little outings to galleries and museums, alas this was not meant to be. On the Monday I woke up at 8.30 with an almighty migraine - a migraine with nausea..the worst kind. I usually get migraine with aura..sounds magical..it aint! I go blind in one eye, get pins and needles in my hands and then loose the ability to speak. Monday was spent lying on the sofa with a boiling hot water bottle on my head for 6 hours and then a 2 hour sleep after being a little sick. I awoke feeling much better, the bastard had gone, so to make up for the rubbish day Andrew and I went to the Lime lounge for dinner. I had posh battered monk fish and chips dusted with lime and spice. Andrew had veal with the most scrummy carrot puree. We both finished with a double chocolate tart. LUSHIOUS!

Tuesday we were waiting around for our washing machine *hoorah* to arrive! Our day was dull and we did nothing..bit of a waste.

Oh well.

This week seems to be dragging, but next week should be fun. Monday I have off, hopefully the sun will be shining and we can go for a picnic! Wednesday double date night with our friends Ben and Jo, or Benjo as I like to call them. We're going to go and watch Batman. Thursday I'll be off out to lunch for the lovely Natalie's birthday. We're going to the Cosy Club. Friday night the birthday celebrations continue in the form of Hong Kong Bistro noodle bar. Sunday is blooming wonderful Gemma's baby shower, which will be fun.

Lots of lovely things to look forward to.

..And the count down to the annual St. Ives trip has begun!..

28 days

Me and Ben crabbing last year

Photo from last year

Gemma and her bump 'Peanut'

Birthday girl Natalie and her bubba Jack

Got a sore throat, how typical. Hope it buggers off soon!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Acorn Antiques

On friday I travelled down to Devon to spend the weekend with Holly and her family. We spent the Saturday wondering around Barnstable before having dinner at the Braunton Inn. I enjoyed a delicious beetroot and squash strudel. So yummy. We then went onto The Queens Theatre in Barnstable to watch Holly star as Miss Bonnie in the hilarious Acorn Antiques by the wonderful Victoria Wood. 

Holly's performance was amazing. She was so funny, brilliant timing, genius facial expressions, excellent singing and, in my opinion and trying not to be biased, one of the best actors. 

Well done Holly - You LEGEND!!

Holly dressed as Miss Bonnie

I had a lovely time walking through the Braunton burrows looking at curious bugs and beautiful flowers.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

The phaaaaaaaaantom of the opera is here, inside my mind..

..Last night was my surprise evening with a nearest and dearest, Holly. She organised such a lovely day. I met her at lunch time in Cabot Circus (a shopping area in Bristol - Lots of lovely shops). We did some shopping..she did some shopping, I bought.. drum roll..a £3 hair band from Oasis! WOO! We then had a few delicious dishes in La Tasca for lunch and continued with the shopping. When we'd become to pooped to shop any more, we got in the car and headed to (first surprise)...a hotel! LUSH. I love staying in hotels. I feel the need to search through every drawer and cupboard. And we had sherry waiting for us! Fancy.

Holly's parents live in Bristol so I assumed we'd be staying with them for the night.

After resting our feet and knocking back the teeniest bit of sherry, we got our evening wear and make up on and headed out the door to....(second surprise)..Jamie's Italian restaurant for some super scrumptious cannelloni and polenta chips, so so good!

The third and biggest surprise was ruined but the stupid waitress at the restaurant who, as she walked us to our table, said 'so you're going to the theatre?'..and I was like saaay whaaat?!..and Holly told her that it was meant to be a surprise. The waitress was very apologetic and embarrassed, it had to come out at some point, but yeah..nice one waitress! 

So, we went to Bristol Hippodrome to see Phantom of the opera which was a.ma.zing!! Never seen it before on the stage and oh my, it made my vocal chords ache because I was so desperate to sing along! 

Plus, the phantom had a sexy voice! ..ay! ay!

This morning we wandered, in the lovely July rain (bloody weather), to Boston tea party where we enjoyed a lovely breakfast.

A fabulous weekend for which I am truly grateful to Holly for planning for me, so kind and thoughtful. Wish she lived closer and I had more time to see her beautiful face.
Next weekend I am going to see Holly in 'Acorn Antiques' at the Queens Theatre in Barnstable. Very excited to see her in the role of Miss Bonnie. Its going to be funny!



Saturday was Andrew's first Spartan grapple competition. He loved it. Had a great day. He took part in three fights. The first, he won. The second, which happened about a minute after the first, he lost - too tired. The third, he was basically lifted up by the other guy and it looked like he was going to snap Andrews neck ..hideous, Andrew nearly passed out.
But the boy did good, and most importantly loved every minute.