Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Also...a cheeky 6 year old and fruity 4 year old

The munchkins had a family party today to celebrate their special days. Coby turned four today and Tyler turns six tomorrow. Thankfully Coby was born on a leap year which meant that Tyler didnt have to share his birthday. They are exactly 2 years apart.

Today they have both received HEAPS of gifts, enjoyed yummy cakes and experienced retro sweeties (push pops and fizz wizz).

So a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tyler and Coby..You rock my world and I love you both! 

slight improvement..

Last night I made a curtain to cover up the eye sore that is the recycling box..I'm quite pleased with it. I have also added some more images to the kitchen cupboards. I love collage so decided a while ago that I'd just cover the grimey cupboards in pretty pictures! 

Friday, 24 February 2012

Two little munchkins..

Cheekiest of monkeys

Tyler's amazing super cool turbo car

Harry Potter and his wand

Coby drawing a Harry Potter scar on his head
Last night I baby sat my nephews, Tyler and Coby. When I got to my brothers house they were meant to be in bed, I was supposed to get them to bed pretty sharpish - but how boring is that?! So we finished watching 'Alvin and the chipmunks' (oh dear), read some books, made some funny phone calls to Andrew and Auntie Nell - actually Coby wanted to talk to Josephine- and did some drawings of super cool turbo cars! We also ate sweeties and bless little Ty Tots, he came into the living room carrying a plate of three glasses of milk and six chocolate cookies..Whats a wonderful host, his mother will be so proud!
We also played Harry Potter which Coby (Sorry, Harry- kept getting told off for calling him Coby) continued to do until he fell asleep.
After much persuasion they finally got into bed and fell asleep to me reading 'Horrible Histories World War II' in the most boring monotone voice I could do.

I hope they aren't too grumpy today! I love those munchkins!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Happy pancake day everyone!

Its pancake day yes, its pancake day yes, its p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pancake day!!
(A song from 'Maid Marion and her merry men' a kids show we used to LOVE!-We sing it/ text it/message it to each other every year) I made 13 pancakes and Andrew and I enjoyed them with cheese, lemon & sugar and icing sugar. Sooo scrummy!

Today I had some snuggles and chats with Josephine at my Nanny's house and received a beautiful painting by Benjamin Rhys-Thomas. (I shall take and post photos of the painting soon)

Gemmie and Spence
Ps. A very large CONGRATULATIONS to my lovely friend Gemma and her boyfriend Spencer who have just announced that they are expecting a wee one! Very exciting!! xxxx

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Happy birthday little 'un!

Today my cousin, Fran and her fiance Brett, hosted their baby girl Kasie's first birthday party. There was a bright pink princess bouncy castle, Disney music and heaps of food! Kasie had a whale of a time. Tyler and Coby spent the whole day running around, playing tag, Transformers and Star Wars..I also had to play. I wore my new bargain boots (£70 from £165) and showed off my new hair. Josephine was introduced to lots of the family and was as good as gold. I made Kasie a coat from a 1950s pattern for her birthday. Its a tad large but hey ho, it will last a good while at least.

I forgot to have some birthday cake..damn!

Happy 1st birthday Kasie!!

Also, WELL DONE to Fran who raised £100 at the party doing a 'guess the name of the bear' for the Royal United Hospital who's staff has helped little Kasie with her Hypothyroidism.

Ps. Some more photos of the beautiful Miss Josephine.

Love this photo of Kasie - so serious

Birthday girl!

Ty and Co having a bouncy bouncy oooo such a good time

Kasie, Fran (mummy) and Brett (Pops)

Nellderflower and Josephine

Josephine and her Grandpa

Oh and I forgot to share this lovely thing. Its a welcome back poster made by the people I support at work..So lush!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day of love..

Ignore the stupid pose! Quite short?..

Again..Ignore the stupid pose although you can see where I get it from -Pops!..Slightly longer?
As I have to do a poopy sleep-in tonight (3pm til 3pm tomorrow shift), Andrew and I decided to go out last night instead. We went to Aqua, an Italian restaurant that I have wanted to go to since it opened. We had cocktails to start along with Pomodoro bruschetta and the most delicious marinated olives. I had grilled lemon sole in a marinara sauce with caperberries and the garliciest spinach ever! Andrew had pan fried duck breast in balsamic vinegar and cherry sauce with roasted butternut squash with a side of herb sauteed potatoes. The we had another cocktail each. And for pud, I had a lemon cheese cake and Andrew had a chocolate and hazelnut tarte with ice cream.

It was divine!..the most expensive meal I've ever had, but divine!..and I got to wear my French Connection dress.

As for Valentines day gifts, I am buying Andrew the new UFC Undisputed Xbox game and he is buying me a much needed hair cut. I just cant decide how to have it done!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Haze and Zenny bowling

Cream tea!!

Weeny crab!

Andrew found some new hair in the charity shop.
Andrew and I had such a wonderful time in Cornwall with Hazel, Jonni, Rosenwyn and Edyn. We went bowling, wondered through Falmouth, enjoyed some tasty deli delights, went to Trago Mills, found crabs on the beach, saw lots of seals and pups, had cream teas and pasties and played with Sylvanian Families.

Edyn is utterly gorgeous. He looks just like his mummy and has the cutest little smile. Rosenwyn adores him and loves giving him kisses.

We also went for lunch at my Grannie Annie and Grandpa's house in St. Just. My Grandpa made a delicious risotto and we went to the antique shops in the village.

I wish so much that Hazel and her little family lived closer. We miss them all so much.

Friday, 3 February 2012

This evening I have kootched up with Josephine. I held her on my lap and admired her cute little dimples and facial expressions and she slept on my chest and I inhaled that unique baby smell and nearly fell asleep. Awww I love her so!

The next 5 days will be spent with Hazel and Jonni, cuddling bubba Edyn and playing with Rosenwyn. Bowling and a picnic with seals are on the cards.

Have a wonderful week and I shall return on Thursday with many-a-photo of beautious people and places.

PS. A very happy birthday to my brothers partner Chloe who's special day was yesterday!

PPS. Hells Bells it is COLD out there today!

My bro Charlie and the birthday girl Chloe