Tuesday, 31 January 2012

For Christmas Pops gave me the 'My week with Marilyn' book by Colin Clark. I've only just started reading it. Anyone that knows me well enough will know that I rarely read and don't really get on with it..I don't particularly enjoy it.

However, over the summer last year I read Goldie Hawn's autobiography 'A lotus grows in the mud'. It is such a brilliant book and, as if I didn't love Goldie Hawn enough (I named one of my rats Goldie), I love her even more now. Its a very spiritual book filled with her low times and how she got herself out of them, and her happiest memories and experiences. I definitely recommend it. Its the fastest I have ever read a book.. and that is saying something.

So, I'm thinking autobiographies are the way forward and 'My week with Marilyn' contains the pages of Colin Clark's diary from the time he spent working on 'The Prince and the Show Girl' and the unusual relationship he built with Marilyn Monroe. I'm only on page 57, but it's well written and an easy enjoyable read. I really want to see the film but want to finish the book first.

Last night after watching Kristen Wiig's character, Annie, baking amazing cakes in 'Bridesmaids', I decided to make some biscuits - much to Andrews delight. They don't compare to her awesome cupcakes but they were tasty! 

Still feeling pooey and have to do a 24 hour shift at work starting at 3pm..NOT looking forward to it. Enjoy your free evenings all.

Monday, 30 January 2012

So far today..

I have been thinking about

- How excited I am about going to Cornwall on Saturday. (I bought Edyn his gift. An elephant with a bell in its belly!)

- When to watch 'Bridesmaids'. Andrew bought it for me because I love it! Funniest film..oh how I laughed! (Congratulations to Melissa McCarthy on her Oscar nomination)

- How glad I am to have had 2 days off in a row as I am ever so full of snot!

-The first piece of art work I have ever bought. Its a beautiful self portrait of a very talented chap that was at my uni. Benjamin Rees-Thomas was the best painter at UWIC and I am so excited to be getting one of his pieces. Such an inspirational artist who's use of colour is breathtaking.

JUST LOOKED OUT THE WINDOW TO SEE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gawwd!...and now its stopped..oh..well that was short lived. ...Its back!! aw, lovely.


I watched 'Melancholia' last night, starring Kirsten Dunst. It is a beautifully shot film with some really interesting story lines. It's very powerful and the ending left me feeling a bit...woah!..its good! 

End of random post.

Edyn's elephant


Self portrait by Benjamin Rees-Thomas

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Last night Andrew and I introduced our friends Benny and Jo to the amazingness that is Schwartz Bros.! The finest burger in town..even for veges, like myself. We had blue cheese, bacon, chickless vege burgers and fries coming out of our ears! It was a success, Benny and Jo are fans. Hooray!!

Today we all ventured to the Vintage and Antiques Fair in town. A lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. There was a Homes & Antiques stand there today (mine and Nell's favorite magazine). I met the editor, Angela Linforth, and subscribed to the magazine in a matter of minutes. I received 30% off, which is never bad, and a free book, 'Costume Jewellery' by Judith Miller. I love love LOVE jewellery!! I didn't actually buy anything at the market, every thing I liked was a bit too pricey. Never mind, next time I might find a little treasure I can afford.

Today I have also...
     - Enjoyed a New Covent Garden Souper Green soup with a cheesey baguette.
     - Drank delicious cherry cola from my pink Cath Kidston glass.
     - Sniffed and coughed lots.
     - Missed out on playing with Tyler & Coby and cuddling Josephine because of this stinking cold.

Hot chocolate, movies and snuggles to come!

Saturday, 28 January 2012


Mama and Josephine

Mama, Pops and Josephine

Sister dearest, Nell,  has now put photo's of her beautiful daughter on her blog so I can now boast about my oh-so-cute niece!!

Josephine Grace was born on the 18th of January, weighing 8lb 1oz. She's the perfect combination of her Mama and Pops. She is going to be spoiled rotten for ever and ever, amen.

CONGRATULATIONS Nellie and Ben! You are amazing! We love you all so much.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Two trips booked!! Hooray! hoorah!
Jonni, Hazel, Rosenwyn and Edyn Bump

Edyn Nia Rowan

Zenny Fish Fingers
Zenny's new dress

Me and Holz on our last trip away, just us.

Chatsworth House

Castle Inn

First, Andrew and I are hiring a car to drive down to Cornwall and see the gorgeous bunch of pixies that are Hazel, Jonni, Rosenwyn and Edyn. We are yet to meet Edyn, so this trip is very exciting and important. I like to take gifts to the kiddleywinks so bought Zenny this amazing dress from Monsoon. I have to find Edyn something as equally beautiful! (not a dress, obviously) hmmm...

Second, Holly and I have decided to have a few April days in Derbyshire, Bakewell to be precise, to do some walking and sight seeing before she gets too pregged - up to walk. We will be visiting the Owl and Otter sanctuary (I love otters and Holly looks like an owl..a beautiful owl). We are then going to go to Chatsworth House (Pride and Prejudice fans will know it as Pemberley) to imagine that we live there. Not sure what the rest of the trip holds for us, but on the Thursday night we will be winning the bingo and pub quiz (hopefully) at Castle Inn where we will be staying. To prepare for the trip Holly and I will try to learn Jane Austen talk!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

'The Artist'
The Little Theatre featured in 'Fantastic Mr.Fox'

Me and Chrissy.
Last night I went to Vintage Monday at the lovely Little Theatre. I went with Andrew and my very wonderful friend Chrissy. We all dressed up and wondered into town, getting some rather curious looks from passers by. We walked up the red carpet into the theatre and watched 'The Artist' - An excellent film, which you all must see. There was an intermission and usherettes with ice cream trays. A really fun night, I recommended it to anyone in Bath wanting a rather random night out!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lands End

Enjoying a pasty


Ty in the sea

Seal photo from a few years ago

Most of the St.ives massive 2006
Hoorah hoorah! The time has come to start planning the family summer holiday! and other little holidays here and there.
St. Ives is the place to be! We LOVE love love it and feel like something is missing from our lives if we don't make the annual trip there.

(I am currently watching 'how to cook like Heston' and oh my god it's making me want chocolate!)

Anyhoo...yeah, so St. Ives. The house is booked so let the count down begin!

A lot of brilliant memories from that beautiful, fishy place!

Monday, 16 January 2012

A bit about me..

Contiki LG '06 - The group of people Oliver and I went traveling with.

Andrew and I at uni

Goldie, Bette and Diane

Wills, Me, Nell and Charlie - a rare photo of all four of us
My degree show

Me in Roma when I went with Holly several years ago!

Me and my goddaughter Zenny

Okay, I am from Bath. I am the second of 4 children.
I went traveling in 2006 with one of my best friends, Oliver. That was such a fantastic time! We went to France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Egypt. We met some amazing people who we are still friends with and I will never forget it.
I then went to uni in Cardiff, where I met Andrew. I studied Fine Art: Painting and in my degree show I did hardly any painting! Lots of work though. A marvelous three years! I have a goddaughter, Rosenwyn, who is absolutely gorgeous!
We moved back to Bath and I became a Support Worker, working with vulnerable adults with learning difficulties.
I have several amazing very close friends including Holly, Amy, Ollie, Hazel and Chrissy. Holly and I like to have a laugh, make fools of ourselves and dance...evidence.
I have three Dumbo rats named Diane, Bette and Goldie (First Wives Club!!!!). They are very cute!
I enjoy a good film or t.v series. I'm a pescatarian and apart from meat I will pretty much eat anything.
I LOVE Rome and cant get enough of the Vatican museums. Been there 5 times..I'm not religious. I love to sing.
And at this time I just cant wait for my niece or nephew to arrive!!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tylers staring face

Coby's staring face

Today, after a relatively calm day at work, I went to my brother and his families house and messed about with the nephs! We played 'Honey I shrunk the kids', musical statues (with us singing, not actual music), played on the Wii and had staring competitions..I lost at most of these, those boys are hardcore!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Went on a bit of a shopping spree today!..Always fun!


Andrew and Scott

Delayed I know, but I thought I'd introduce Andrew and myself a bit better. I shall start with Andrew.

Andrew is from Leighton Buzzard, a place you have to be from to really appreciate it, I think! -Not much there. He went to uni in Cardiff, which is where he met me!
His hobbies include, drawing, painting and general artiness. He LOVES MMA and goes to jujitsu and mma classes as often as he can. On a friday he plays zombie games with my bro and bro-in-law. And most sundays they all get together to watch Strike Force and UFC..and eat sausage rolls.
Andrew has a collection of musical instruments that he likes to play around with. He occasionally smokes a pipe. He is very proud of his facial hair! He loves to dress up. He hates having his photo taken. He is Godfather to cutey pie, Stanley. Andrew used to own a BMX but it was stolen, he misses it lots. Andrews best friend is Scott, they've been buddies since they were 4 years old.

He's completely hilarious and I love him!